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  1. We Are The Few The Proud The Resistance American Nation The World Mightiest Heroes Never Surrender Never Give UP Never Quit Never Bow To & Never Stand In Defeat
  2. Join Our Rebellion You Too Could Be A KNIGHTED Democratic Rebellious Solder Also
  3. The Rebels Of Democracy Never Bow Down To Authority & Dictatorship
  4. It Up To Us To Restore The United States Of America Back To Its Former Glory From Dictatorship Tyranny
  5. The Legend Of Democracy League Of Heroes Never Surrender To Terrorized Power It Time We Make A Stand
  6.  The Democratic League Of The Rebellion Never Dies I Say We Rise Up Stronger & Together With Strength & Numbers 
  7. The Resistance Never Quit 


Название Игра Тип Участники Дата создания Прогресс
Valentine Gameplay Team Royal RR 2 02-14-18
Groudhog Tour Gamers Choice SE 16 01-29-18
Capcom Vs SNK World Championship Capcom vs SNK 2 SE 32 10-05-17
GameStation World Championship 2017 Gamestation SE 64 10-01-17
MK Trilogysplsion Tournemant SE 32 09-25-17
MK Trilogy Reginols Mortal Kombat Trilohgy Groups → SE 28 09-24-17
Super Smash 64 International League Super Smash Bros. SE 32 09-23-17
Mario Tennis World Cup 1st Annual Mario Tennis 64 SE 16 09-22-17
Rocket League National Championships Rocket League SE 16 09-22-17


  Название команды Владелец команды Организация Участники Дата создания
U.S.F.R Re-Volt Knights MrSpeeder24 United States Federation Resistance 1 09-22-17